Written in by Leopoldina Fortunati, this rigorous account of reproductive labor under capitalism has long been underappreciated within. The Arcane of Reproduction Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital by Leopoldina Fortunati. Reviewed by Kersplebedeb. This is important. Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital [Leopoldina Fortunati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Italy’s.

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Written in by Leopoldina Fortunati, this rigorous account of reproductive labor under capitalism has long been underappreciated within the larger Marxist tradition.

The Gendered Circuit: Reading The Arcane of Reproduction – Viewpoint Magazine

Rather, by showing that capitalism is complicit in these problems, one explains part of what is leopoldiba at the moment, in this society, in this system which is both patriarchal is a very specific way and also capitalist in an equally specific way. For example, within a couple relationship the adult male can consume, while the adult woman must primarily produce.

The question remains, why is this work reproductive of the capitalist system gendered, or in other words, why is this the feminist class struggle and also the communist struggle. No trivia or quizzes yet. Fortunati does not explore this possibility at all, but i think it is of more than passing interest, and is necessary in order for her argument to make sense.

Mackenzie Morris rated it it was amazing Mar 13, She produces it as part of the housework process in order to produce a commodity, labor-power. But then in chapter 13 she forgunati it clear, and eloquently zrcane. Only from a capitalist viewpoint being productive is a moral virtue, if thr a moral imperative.

In other words, whether the non-directly waged work of reproduction is in fact productive is neither here nor there. Nothing is said about women, domestic labor, sexuality and procreation.

Women reproduce people, everyone else just produces things. It has many specific characteristics that make the production of human beings different leopoleina the production of television sets, but both are forms of work determined by capitalism, in which indirectly or directly the capitalist class exploits the worker.

Lisa rated it did not te it Nov 24, One consequence of the peculiar nature of labor-power as a commodity is this, that it does not in reality pass straight away into the hand of the buyer on the conclusion of the contract between buyer and seller. This criticism can be summarized in the following claim made by the group Aufheben in their review of The Arcane of Reproduction: Now if, instead of the single capitalist and the reprocuction worker, the capitalist class and the working class are examined, and instead of solely the process of commodity production, the entire process of capitalist production — in full flow, and in all its social setting —is considered, it turns out that the consumption of housework and prostitution work is posited as a condition of the constant maintenance and reproduction of the working class.

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Women are forced to work for capital through the individuals they “love. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But its use-value consists in its subsequent exercise of that power… The consumption of labor-power is completed, as in the case of every other commodity, outside the market or the sphere of circulation… in the hidden abode of production.

Lists with This Book. Going beyond any historical judgement of what capitalism has represented, its continuing existence today means barbarism, ot only because it represents the theft of non-waged work from women–who are obliged to live in isolation, semi-dependent on men–but also because it is the theft of non-waged work from the man.

Jun 26, Emily Warfield rated it liked it Shelves: What, however, does it mean to us today? Of course, this cost for capitalism is more than made aarcane for by the incredible benefits it gets from the exploitation of women both in the family and in the lowest paying jobs, both of which come as part of the same big patriarchal package deal.

But then in chapter 13 she makes it clear, and eloquently so: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Published June 1st by Autonomedia first published June 1st Labor conventions for men and women are used as a case study.

Women are tending to ask for more than “love” in their relationships with men. So the concept production uses the instrumental definition of technology whereas the term reproduction more so aligns with the anthropological definition.

In short, if the debate revolves around whether reproductive labor is value-productivewe are still missing the point. This defetishization has always been an underlying understanding of the communist viewpoint of wage struggles — that demands for wages are only the beginning of class struggle to end the wage-form.


The Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital

Marx uncovered the wage fetish. The members of Lotta Femminista were also making an appeal to their male comrades, as Federici discloses in their defense.

The most important of these “secondary” exchanges is that between the male worker and capital mediated by the female houseworker. Trivia About Arcane of Reprodu This is not foreign to Marxism; it is instead a portion of the circuit of reproduction left open-ended.

Its value, like that of every other commodity is already determined before it enters into circulation, for a definite quantity of social labor has already been spent on the production of labor power.

The realization that a few pieces of the puzzle were missing all along, are still missing. Published by Autonomedia infourteen years after its initial publication in Italian, the only available English translation of The Arcane of Reproduction is difficult to approach. While this may sometimes be the case, as often as not there is no correlation between a mutually fulfilling relationship and greater productivity or conservative political positions.

The other side of the coin being that her argument also lets us off the hook for creating and maintaining bad relationships. While these aspects of the capitalist totality are insufficiently theorized by Marxists, leopolldina are absolutely imperative to understanding the reproducibility of a system based upon the accumulation of value and the exploitation of wage-labor.

In order to appreciate the intervention made by Fortunati — beginning over a quarter century ago, along with the other founding members of the group Lotta Femministaincluding Mariarosa Dalla Costa — we must first jettison some of our Marxist baggage. If you do and you don’t have a copy, let me know. Brigitte rated it it was amazing Feb 08,