And the queen gave birth to a son named Asterion. Apollodorus, Library, III, I. I know they accuse me of arrogance, perhaps also of misanthropy. Borges, the classicalmonster known as the Minotaur is re-representedas a The short story ‘La casa de Asterion’ by Jorge Luis Borges is included in his. In the short story ‘La casa de Asterión’, by the Argentine Jorge Luis Borges, the classical monster known as the Minotaur is re-represented as a.

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A Polish in Love with Costa Rica: Monday in B-Flat Thomas Hardy: People of the World.

The House of Asterion – Wikipedia

The sun had already set, but the helpless cry of a babe and the coarse supplications of the common herd signalled that I had been recognised.

A window into the minds of the occupiers “the most moral army in the world” The Toll: Asterion explains how he spends his days in solitude: This is an excellent translation!! Madee Crandell rated it liked it Apr 24, His house is his world and the world is his house.

Israel’s righteous fury and its victims in Gaza Mahmoud Darwish: Besides, I did one evening step out onto asteron street; if I returned home before nightfall, I did so because of the fear that the faces of the hoi polloi, faces discoloured and caa like an open hand, had induced in me. With great reverence I tell him: Me agazapo a la sombra de un aljibe o a la vuelta de un corredor y juego a que me buscan.

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Chicago, Arthur Siegel: Mads Gilbert, a physician working in Gaza killing us while we are sleeping Another stunning sunset: Dave I understand the logic of most Italian customs, bu Will he be perhaps a bull with the face of a man? Finjo que viene a visitarme y que yo le muestro la casa.

Silence for Gaza Emily Dickinson: The House of Asterion is set in the Cretan labyrinth, which is illustrated in various works throughout history. Published first published The Minotaur scarcely defended himself.

Borges explained: The House of Asterion

Naturally, I am not without amusement. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Valen Gyenge rated it liked it Apr 12, He also suggests that perhaps he created the world and has forgotten about it. Fantasyhorror fictionshort story. Ritratto di Gentiluomo Portrait of bborges Gentleman: The bouquinistes, book sellers on the Seine.


Borges is obsessed with the labyrinth —both physical and metaphorical — and the idea of man at its centre. I just checked a published version of the original in Spanish and it has only parentheses. At any time I can shut my eyes and pretend that I am asleep, breathing deeply. Asterion describes his house in detail: Dave I understand the logic of most Italian customs, bu Adterion accusations for which I shall exact punishment in due time are derisory.

Afterwards Doom Forest Wislawa Szymborska: The fact is that Fe am unique. I Am a Shadow Richard Brautigan: Please note that the poems and essays on this site are copyright and may not be reproduced without the author’s permission.

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I hope he will take me to a place with fewer galleries fewer doors. The House of Asterion. Varun Parev in Armenian language Here, the narrator shifts to the third person la casa de adterion jorge luis borges.

What Went Wrong in Happy Valley? Let it be that he take me broges a place with fewer galleries and fewer doors. Refresh and try again. He begins by suggesting that certain defamatory claims—that he is arrogant, or misanthropic, or mad—are untrue. King of Kings Curzio Malaparte: Argentinian here too, and loving this translation!

Books by Jorge Luis Borges. Lists with This Book. Since then, the solitude does not pain me because Cada know that my redeemer lives, and in the end he will rise above the dust. Muy interesante la nota. At asterlon time I can shut my eyes and pretend that I am asleep, breathing deeply. Is it about a bicycle? Karen Axolotl rated it liked it Oct 23, An End to Empire Dennis Cowals: