“Deutsches Requiem” is a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. Published on Sur in February , it was reprinted in the collection El Aleph (). It is the last. My name is Otto Dietrich zur Linde. One of my forebears, Christoph zur Linde, died in the cavalry charge that decided the victory of Zorndorf. Deutsches Requiem (short story) “Deutsches Requiem” is a short story by Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges. Published on Sur in February , it was.

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Jorge Luis Borges – Deutsches Requiem self.

Jorge Luis Borges – Deutsches Requiem : ProsePorn

A man of memorable eyes, jaundiced complexion, with an almost black beard, David Jerusalem was the prototype of the Sephardic Jew, although, in fact, he belonged to the depraved and hated Ashkenazim. I was severe with him; I permitted neither my compassion nor his glory to make me relent. I had come to understand many years before that there is nothing on earth that does not contain the seed of a possible Hell; a face, a word, a compass, a cigarette advertisement, are capable of driving a person mad if he is unable to forget them.

Would not a man who continually imagined the map of Hungary be mad? I decided to apply this principle to the disciplinary regimen of our camp, and by the end ofDavid Jerusalem had lost his reason; on March first,he managed to kill himself.


I do not know whether Jerusalem understood that, if I destroyed him, it was to destroy my compassion. In my eyes he was not a man, not even a Jew; he had been transformed into a detested zone of myself.

Deutsches Requiem (short story)

I agonized with him, I died with him and somehow I was lost with him; therefore, I was implacable. Meanwhile we reveled in rdquiem great days and nights of a successful war.

In the very air we breathed there was a feeling not unlike love.

requuiem Our hearts beat with amazement and exaltation, as if we sensed the sea nearby. Everything was new and different then, even the flavor of our dreams.

I, perhaps, was never entirely happy. But it is known that misery requires lost paradises.

Deutsches Requiem

Every man aspires to the fullness of life, that is, to the sum of experiences which he is capable of enjoying; nor is there a man unafraid of being cheated out of some part of his infinite patrimony. But it can be said that my generation enjoyed the extremes of experience, because first we were granted victory and later defeat. In the winter my brother died in war on the Egyptian sands. Months later a bombardment destroyed our home.

The Reich was dying, harassed by vast continents. Then a singular event occurred, which only now do I believe I understand. I thought I was emptying the cup of anger, but in the dregs I encountered an unexpected flavor, the mysterious and almost terrible flavor of happiness.


I essayed several explanations, but none seemed adequate.

Reutsches am pleased with defeat, because secretly I know I am guilty, and only punishment can redeem me. I am pleased with the defeat because it is an end and I am very tired.

I am pleased with defeat because it has occurred, because it is irrevocably united to all those events which are, which were, which joorge be, because to censure or to deplore a single real occurrence is to blaspheme the universe. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Deutsches Requiem (short story) | Revolvy

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