Visit ‘s Hugh Schonfield Page and shop for all Hugh Schonfield books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Hugh Schonfield. Hugh J. Schonfield has 64 books on Goodreads with ratings. Hugh J. Schonfield’s most popular book is The Passover Plot. There is probably no other figure in modern Jewish historical research who is more controversial or famous than Hugh J. Schonfield, who once said: “The.

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A Life of Caresse Crosby – Page Linda Hamalian – All that was required, she thought, was formal official status, and so she merged with schonfeild legally established Commonwealth of World Citizens founded by Dr. He was one of the founders and president of the pacifist organization Commonwealth of World Citizens “Mondcivitan Republic”.

He viewed himself as the living image of Christ on earth even as Christ had been the image of God. It’s a fun and entertaining read for those that have some familiarity with the historical origins of Christianity, but is basically a throw away book when it’s all said and done.

Books by Hugh J. Schonfield (Author of The Passover Plot)

Whatever your beliefs, the book offers yet another window through which to view Jesus and it’s a well-written and interesting read. The first section is unfortunately very difficult to take schonvield. His main point is that we can only begin to understand how Jesus saw himself if we learn more about the messianic beliefs that were very strong in his time and place.

Those Incredible Christians by Hugh J. The Passover Plot – Hugh J.

Hugh J. Schonfield

This is a scholarly look at the life and death of the man who came to be known as Christ. Here I am reminded of Levi-Strauss’s dictum that a Schonfiield analysis of a myth need not hesitate to include all versions of the myth on the assumption that the deep structure of the myth, a kind of semiotic DNA, replicates itself in every new version of the myth. Raimundo Panikkar says they may be saved by Christ by means of their own religions.


Hugh Schonfield, a distinguished Hugy scholar, had worked for world citizenship and mundialism I have not re-read the book since my first reading in the s, so I have some difficulty recalling the details of Schonfield’s scenario, but I think that he agreed with the traditional view that Jesus did not seek secular power, nor was he out to overthrow the Romans: Had they believed people like Cornelius the Centurion were just damned to Gehenna?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Of course the forgoing scenario only makes sense if one supposes, as Schonfield does, that Acts is correct in depicting Paul always going first to Diaspora synagogues, something his epithet “Apostle to the Gentiles” would not lead us to expect.

The problem, for me, was the title; somehow, it just seemed hard for me to take it seriously. To view it, click here. Any serious researcher attempting an investigation into the “real” Jesus must begin with Albert Schweitzer’s “The Quest of the Historical Jesus.

Dec schonfisld, MaryElle rated it really liked it. In the wake of resurgent interest in religious history spurred by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Codethis 40th anniversary edition of The Passover Plot is set to engage a completely new generation of readers searching for truth.

Books by Hugh J. Schonfield

A Radical Translation and Reinterpretation Nov 01, The Passover Plot by Hugh J. Perhaps it would be too much to expect for Schonfield, in the scholarly work of his last years, to have subjected his theories, forged long ago, to the risk of significant change and development.


For instance, are we to infer that the conservative circumcision party, even before they believed in Messiah Jesus, had dismissed the Gentile God-fearers as mere pagans who were sadly deluding themselves about God’s favor? What Became of Israel?

Hugh J. Schonfield – Biography — JewAge

Schonfield it was ok 2. There is a huge amount svhonfield speculation in the book without much, if any, evidence to support it. Schonfield’s international multimillioncopy bestseller is set to rock the establishment view of the life of Jesus all over again.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. People Places Stories Recent changes. Schonfield, Proclaiming the Messiah: It is, however, an interesting and thoughtful picture of the historical Jesus.

Schonfield is ambivalent with regard to the historical value of Acts. Last edited or checked June 20, Every one of his books was well worth reading, even when one found one could not quite accept Schonfield’s conclusions in every respect. The economist Gerald Celente regularly makes predictions and the ones that come true are broadcast far and wide, but the ones that don’t come true are quietly forgotten.

Birth of a World People: Engelking Editor did not like it 1. This alphabet has not been adopted. I would have given it a higher rating except that I had thought from the description of the book that it was going to schonfidld less like sitting in an upper level religious studies class and more of a scjonfield look hubh the layperson at history and texts.

He applied the code to some of the scrolls that Our heritage and upbringing numbs our intellectual doubts, huvh makes us accept the supernatural as real.