History of Baalbek [Michel M. Alouf, Tedd St Rain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At one time, the worldwide fame of the ruins at Baalbek. Baalbek is an ancient Phoenician city located in what is now modern day Lebanon, north of Beirut, in the Beqaa Valley. Inhabited as early. Author: Michel M. Alouf; Category: Voyages; Length: Pages; Year:

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Ouranus and a brother of Cronus; he was also seen both as a gigante and a Titan demonstrating how they were originally one and the same race. Finally, it is said that having visited ‘the country of the south’ Cronus ‘gave all Egypt to the god Taautus, that it might be his kingdom’, 48 implying that he was its founder.

Far off in Hell According to histoy mythology, the Titans were eventually defeated by Jupiter and his fellow Olympian bxalbek and goddesses. Firstly, this process requires a flat even surface, which if not present would necessitate the construction of a stone causeway or ramp from the quarry to the point of final destination as is evidenced at Giza in Egypt. Sanchoniatho goes on to say that the demi-gods of Byblos possessed ‘light and other more complete ships’, implying they were a sea-faring nation.

Yet an account of this same story given by a Chaldean writer bawlbek Thallusstates that instead of being banished to Tartarus, Gyges was ‘smitten, and fled to Tartessus’. Only by creating a raised ramp on the hill-slope itself, and then placing the pulley gangs on the other side of the wall could an operation of this kind even be attempted. He stated that a ‘statue’ was carried ritually from Heliopolis in Egypt to its Lebanese name-sake by Egyptian priests. They were transported by helicopter [] and supported by Apache helicopters and unmanned drones[] [] The Israeli Defense Forces was acting on information that Goldwasser and Regev were at the hospital while al-Jazeera and other sources claimed the IDF was attempting to capture senior Hezbollah officials, particularly Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek.


All blend together as one, and not perhaps without reason. Was he referring here to the mythical Byblos culture? It is a subject I am currently investigating for a future article.

Thallus, quoted by Cory, p. These are important points in favor of the Great Platform, as in the case of the inner podium, aouf of much greater antiquity than the Roman, or even the Ptolemaic, temple complex.

At a much later time, it became very well known to the Romans, who desecrated the site to build their magnificent temples.

Invisible Helpers by Alluf Webster Leadbeater. According to aliuf mythology, the Titans were eventually defeated by Jupiter and his fellow Olympian gods and goddesses. Firstly there appears to have been a strong link between Isis-Osiris legend and the mountains north-west of Baalbek. The next problem is whether or not the Romans possessed the engineering capability to cut, transport and position tonne blocks of this nature.

History of Baalbek

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. In fact, the largest Roman temples ever built were not in Rome, but were found at Baalbek. Ragette suggests the ‘bury and re-excavate’ method, 33 where ramps of compacted earth would be constructed on a slight incline up to the top of the wall – which before the Trilithon was added stood at an estimated twenty-five feet high. The limestone courses that make up the outer podium base – which, of course, includes the Trilithon – are heavily pitted histoey wind and sand erosion, while the rest of the Temple of Jupiter still possesses comparatively smooth surfaces.

Dhali Kition Larnaca Lapathus Marion. baallbek

History of Baalbek – Michel M. Alouf – Google Books

I refer to the almighty Temple of Jupiter, situated besides two smaller temples, one dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love, and the other dedicated to Bacchus, the god of fertility and good cheer although some argue this temple was dedicated to Mercury, the winged god of communication.


Alouf, made his years of research available in this heavily illustrated Ragette points out that the sheer awe inspired by the Trilithon ensured that Baalbek was remembered by later generations, not for the grandeur of its magnificent temples, but for its three great stones which ignorant folk began to believe histoy built by superhuman giants of some bygone age.

Israel and the Palestinian territories Jerusalem: Such ideas may even provide some kind of explanation as to why the mother of all stone blocks, the Stone of the Pregnant Womanwas left cut and ready for transportation in a nearby quarry.

Might this sea-faring connection help explain why the wooden coffin containing the body of Osiris was carried by the sea to Byblos, and why the priests of Heliopolis in Egypt took such an interest in Baalbek during Ptolemaic times?

As has been ably demonstrated by recent works from Hancock, Bauval et al, this believed mythical age, when gods ruled the earth, appears to have been an actual stage of human development pre-dating Pharaonic Egypt by many thousands of years.

It is vacant since decades, having had the following incumbents, so far of the fitting ranks Archi- or Episcopal at the time: Did it suggest that knowledge of this engineering manual had been preserved in the town since Roman times, being passed on from generation to generation until it finally reached the hands of Costa ibn Luka? The giants, too, were linked with this terrible place, for they are cited by the first-century Roman writer Caius Julius Hyginus fl.

There are also marriages, inter-marriages and incestuous relationships which produce a multitude of characters, many of whom act as symbols for the expansion of this mythical culture around the Levant and into Asia Minor modern Turkey.