Guide of Genex Probe for. LTE Drive Test 2 Huawei confidential, 2. Contents Overview of Genex Probe & Assistant Genex Probe. INTRODUCTION TO GENEX PROBE DRIVE TEST OPERATIONBY IMRAN HASHMI Huawei TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. Huawei Confidential 1 GENEX. Huawei GENEX Probe & Assistant practice guide Internal use only Huawei GENEX Drive Test tools Practice Guide Abbreviation: User Manual: In Probe.

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Indicates the number of the specified channel. The new test UEs are: Every effort has been made in the preparation of this document to ensure accuracy of the contents, but all statements, information, and recommendations tezt this document do not constitute the warranty of any kind, express or implied.

Re-connect to the UE. Chooses the time when the log is loaded on the PC as the time for log header, if the other logs are Select the UE-Time first available.

Huawei Genex Probe for 4G,3G,2G Drive Test – Telco Consultant

Table lists the options on the shortcut menu of the chart. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Reason When data exceptions occur, you need to check the parameters in the window. To set the color and font of each parameter, as shown in Figure Color and Figure This job is usually done by gathering continuous wave CW test data and entering them to model calibration application. Number of frames transmitted successfully after the fifth transmission Note: Disable the transmission delay measurement.


Indicates the ending number of a primary scrambling code Group number end group. Figure TopN Pilot window Note: Shortcut Menu of Test Item The eqipment page is used to trace each test item or stop an item when required.

Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

The slider enables you to locate at any position rrive the log file. But there maybe some problems on displaying parameters for the inner interface has been changed. To delete a device, perform the following steps: Notice The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Indicates whether or not to grnex the data connection. You can add, remove, or set properties for the layer in the Layer Control dialog box.

From the toolbar Click the capture window icon on the toolbar. The system returns the test result automatically and updates the port status in the Device Tets dialog box.

Probe can also support newfashioned UEs. Figure Exporting the data The Probe can play forward or backward. You can achieve the goal by employing any of the three methods.


Ranges from 0 dB to 20 dB. For details about the operations in the Prlbe window, refer to part 6. Figure MeasureChannel dialog box 8. Indicates the control mode in the PING test.

You can open the. For details about main interface operations, refer to section 6. Set to Average in the All Method field.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

Huawei Technologies Proprietary i You can customize the name for the log file. Disable the SIR measurement. The saved file can be opened and played back. Indicates the number of files to be downloaded. Table lists the specified data items in the specified base station measurement. When the UE is in idle state, the first information must be about the cell where the UE resides. The messages filter is displayed on the left of the window.

Conditions The Conditions lists the conditions for the test items in the unspecified base station measurement. Table Description of tab operations To… You can… Add a tab Right-click the tab and choose Add on the shortcut menu.