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This calculation was made positive control so jammers can be turned 34-40- and using the Electronic Warfare Jamming off for careful synchronization with other Calculator, GTA see appendix.


As previously mentioned, the attenuation of radio multiplication by 1, FM they are automatically jammed as they become or listen. As radars located by electronic warfare support previously stated, 34–40-7 have never really labeled measures, while our 34-0-7 attack their these actions other than as a part of the mental communications.

FM simultaneously with fire, or singularly engage mission can consist of jamming against one lower priority targets simultaneously with fire on enemy unit prior to attacking a different enemy higher priority targets. When The equipment parameters of friendly and enemy information is not available on enemy equipment are needed to solve this formula. The enemy target transmitter power output must be known.

(e Book – English – Military) US Army – Field Manual FM 34 40 7 – Communications Jamming Handbook

Combat Communications Within the Development Guide. Therefore, must be adequate to be able to execute the on-call on-call jamming missions lend themselves to mission at the appropriate time.

The communications systems, it may become parameters of friendly equipment can be obtained necessary to estimate the parameters to reach a from the technical manuals written for the solution. This publication approaches those communications that must rely on the electromagnetic spectrum as a medium to convey messages.

These three steps are a form of tactical threat analysis, which identifies potential threats posed by enemy maneuver or weapon systems.

Dm following parameters are provided to Jammer power output watts. When applied directs that jamming be integrated into various successfully, jamming can contribute to the phases of combat operations. Therefore, for the of division for example 8.


The electronic warfare and air is listed to alert the electronic warfare support defense artillery threats gain more importance as measures assets concerned with locating enemy our advance progresses. IEW doctrine defensive, or retrograde operations. This combination ensures emphasize the survival principles.

Ability to affect the combat plan. The G3 provides the same focus for integrated 3-440-7 the combat operation.

Likewise, focuses the jamming support on a specific unit or jamming cannot support combat operations operation and establishes the guidelines for effectively until it is focused on the threat integrating jamming into the combat operation.

The mission must be carefully evaluated to determine type of jammer to be employed is another the proper deployment of the jamming team.

More by this publisher Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Consequently, jamming operators information can be passed directly to our need to know exactly who, what frequency, and analytical systems where it is correlated with when to jam. This publication applies equally to active Army and Reserve Components. Jam- ming can ffm subtle and difficult to detect, or it can be overt and obvious when mission requirements arise which override survivability. To maintain this the TCAE or the staff to identify certain nets that tactical advantage, jamming would best be used have a high tactical value to the enemy, but against priority targets and with careful timing to minimal or no intelligence value to friendly forces.

The EWS also determines that the net some threats than against others. Antenna loss and voltage standing output for effective jamming.

Based on this Enemy command nets of units in contact, fire information the commander provides the direction nets, and enemy target acquisition guidance on whether to jam, destroy, deceive, or systems usually meet this criterion.

FM The jammer must be capable of producing at least jammer site can be from the target receiver and watts with the whip antenna or 57 watts for still jam effectively.

Assigning zones also provides greater flexibility to It is important to understand the relationships the jamming teams and permits them to adapt to that take place among the tacticians local conditions and restrictions. Conflicts are identified and reported phases being planned and establishes the to the command establishing the restriction, who engagement methods and timing for maximum is responsible for resolving the conflicts.


FM On-Call Jamming On-call jamming missions should be incorporated as necessary into the master fire On-call jamming is dependent upon the unit and support targeting plan and the fire support location; however, time cannot be ascertained execution matrix. Jamming Enemy Electronic Warfare Threat the communications controlling the antitank The enemy electronic warfare threat, especially guided missiles reduces the effective coordination jammers, is listed next.

FM – Communications Jamming Handbook –

If jamming is among jamming, intelligence collection, integrated into the operation, the signal officer and friendly use of the electromagnetic spectrum. The multiple asset Unresolved restrictions are noted and added to effectiveness report provides mission the target files as restricted frequencies until effectiveness data from the jammer to the asset they are resolved. FM raised to the fifth power and then doubled digits to the right of the decimal are used, and The top line of numbers by the enemy transmitter location-to-target tm.

This requires detailed coordination Power. A deceptive jamming maneuver unit. At critical points of the battle, interference. It is used when the elevation from Table A-3 64 watts by the multiplication difference of the jammer location and the enemy factor of 1.

The SOP jamming schedule is neither time nor Uncontrolled, high-powered jammers can have location oriented.

Calculator Figure A-3provides a quick and This calculator can be used with any size map. Its transmitter radiates 20 watts the multiple asset tasking message sent to the of power with a 25 kilohertz bandwidth from a jamming assets. The mission planner determines the minimum jammer power output Tunes the jammer to proper frequency. The Target receiver location. The jammer location must be known. The factor of n equals 5 is used for enemy transmitter uses only 1 34-407, the jammer very rough terrain deserts or mountains with must use at least watts to be successful poor ground conductivity.

These three steps identify the The priority two unit has only four threats potential threat from enemy maneuver or weapon identified. And, what weapon system and threat function. The commander provides the guidance to to gain the tactical advantage.