Each Fluke product is warranted to be free from defects in material and The A Manual Set provides complete information for operators and service or. Warning If the A Calibrator is operated in any way not specified by the A Operators Manual or other documentation provided by Fluke, protection. View and Download FLUKE A operator’s manual online. Multi-Product Calibrator. A Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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Fluke a – Sc Multi-product Calibrator | eBay

In general, the HP 8A is setup to make an analog-to-digital conversion after receiving the falling edge of an external trigger. Turn the A Calibrator power on. This custom control icon fluks complete serial communications capabilities for this program. On the desired analog module, release the board edge locking ears. Remove the two front handles by removing the six Allen screws from the handles.

Resolution 4 digits [1] t is the time in seconds. Page Figure Squarewave and Duty Cycle The internal fuses are summarized in Table and are not operator- replaceable.

Fluke Calculator A/COIL User Guide |

Multiply the rms reading by the conversion factor of 2. High Frequency Flatness Verification at 25 mV. Rms Versus Peak-to-Peak Waveforms The A Calibrator ranges for ac functions are specified in rms root-mean-square; the effective value of the waveform. Then follow these steps to verify the MeasZ capacitance function.


Lift out the Filter PCA.

High Frequency Verification This procedure provides an example of testing high frequency flatness using a 5. Required Equipment for Calibration and Verification. Measure the topline first, as indicated in Table Press the CAL softkey, opening the calibration information menu. fluje

Fluke 5500a – Sc300 Multi-product Calibrator

The ESR is cleared set to 0 when the power is turned on, and every time it is read. Chapter 9 Accessories Title Page Verification Tables Before the A Scope Cal Option leaves the 5500z factory, it is verified to meet its specifications at the following test points.

Boost command Activate or deactivate a A Amplifier and set the source preference to the A Amplifier or to the A Calibrator. Program the Calibrator Mainframe for an output of 5.

5500A Operator Manual

Using Multiply and Divide The A output value or reference value if you have edited the output can be multiplied by a factor of 10 by pressing the key. The peak voltage is 4 V, except the pF to 1.


Remove the bottom cover. The output of the A51 board is passed to the A50 Signal board also attached to the A50 board and attenuator module and is then cabled to the output connectors on the front panel.

It will affect the first 50 ns flume the wave form. Applies to both simulated thermocouple output and thermocouple measurement. Test points for these supplies are located in a row across the top of the Voltage assembly.

The A produces calibration outputs of the following functions and ranges: Page Chapter 9 Accessories Title Page Page Waveform command Set the waveforms for ac outputs.

If fluks does not, repeat the aberration and rise time adjustments until you achieve the best compromise, within the listed tolerance levels. Volt Specifications A Operator Manual