EXFO OTDR 2 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get EXFO OTDR 2 Owner’s manual. Get all EXFO manuals!. EXFO’s OTDR modules meet all your testing needs with numerous singlemode . Manually set all acquisition parameters, including the index of refraction (IOR).

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It verifies the injection level and displays a message when an unusually high loss occurs at the first connection, which could indicate that no fiber is connected to the OTDR port. The comments can be seen in the tooltip. Page Index mounting EUI connector adapter You can even define a fiber span for short fibers by placing the span start and the span end on the same event.

It has been evaluated according to applicable North American approved standards for product safety for use in Canada and the United States. If you want to create a folder, you will have to do it manually via File Manager available from the Home screen.

Page 43 Preparing Your OTDR for a Test Setting Macrobend Parameters Setting Macrobend Parameters Your unit can locate macrobends by comparing the loss value of an event at a given wavelength for example, nm with the loss value at the same location with another wavelength for example, nm.

Eastern Time in North America. The current trace settings, as well as the future acquisitions, will be modified. Analyzing Traces and Events Events Tab Events Tab You can view information about all detected events on a trace and fiber sections by scrolling through the events table. Four markers are available to measure the inserted event, maual the new event will be inserted between Marker A and Marker B. You can revert to factory values by pressing the Revert to Factory Settings button.

Here is a guide to the descriptions: Page 11 Maintenance To help ensure long, trouble-free operation: If necessary, enter a comment in the box. In the latter case, the application will automatically evaluate the best settings according to the fiber link currently connected to the unit. From the Main Menu, tap File, then Open. From the Main Menu, select the Test Configuration button.


If you want to modify the parameters, enter the desired ecfo for the current trace in the appropriate boxes. Analyzing the Results Manually Getting Event Distances and Relative Powers To get the distance to an event and the associated relative power level manually: A transmission wavelength from the network could be too close to the SM Live wavelength.

From the Include trace s list, select All to generate a report for all traces wavelengths or Current to generate a report for the current trace.

EXFO OTDR 2 : Owner’s manual

Please create a new list. If the selected file type is PDF, from the User Preferences dialog box, under Sections, select the report characteristics, including whether you want to include the graphs or not. The graph will keep the same display options as in normal view grid, file name, inverted colors. For each item listed in the events table, information is displayed: These markers can be repositioned along the trace to calculate loss, attenuation, reflectance, and optical return loss ORL.

Marker A identifies where the event will be inserted. Event location Threshold at 0. Select two, three, or four ” ” if you want all values to be expressed with the same number of digits. Once the analysis is complete, save the trace by tapping Save in the button bar.

EXFO OTDR 2 User Manual

By default, the application saves the traces in native. Event loss Reflective loss: Select the boxes corresponding to the desired test wavelengths.

You cannot reanalyze a trace in real-time mode. From fxfo Main Menu, select Test Configuration. If you want to apply the thresholds you have just defined to one or several wxfo wavelengths, proceed as follows: Locate the row corresponding to the identifier that you want to modify. Select the desired file type. Press OK to close the message.


To return to the extended summary screen, tap. Contents Contents Certification Information Under Detection Thresholds, enter the desired values in the appropriate boxes. This manuak featured OTDR with tablet-inspired design combines singlemode and multimode fiber testing in a dedicated and compact quad unit to allow everyday field testing in access networks, data centers and private enterprise networks.

This file name appears in the status bar. When the application prompts you, select Yes. At the bottom of the window, tap Event.

When the value becomes highlighted, enter the new value. Tap Insert to insert the event or Cancel to return to the measure tab without making any changes.

Pdf Download | EXFO OTDR 2 User Manual ( pages)

If you are testing in Real time, the oydr value you will get is not necessarily accurate. Creating and Generating Reports Generating a Report 3. You can reposition all markers by using the controls in the Markers section. Once the customization is complete, you are ready to set the distance range value for your test. Page Description of Event Types End of Analysis End of Analysis Reflected power dB Distance km This event indicates that the pulse width used did not provide enough dynamic range to get to the end of the fiber.

Characterize fiber with maximum accuracy over xefo of more than km. Under Advanced Parameters, select the Apply settings by wavelength box. Automated, expert-level singlemode and multimode fiber testing that eliminates the need to manually configure parameters or analyze and interpret multiple complex OTDR msnual.