All the red and yellow LED’s above the Instrument-Track buttons will light and the Display will read “ENSONIQ EPS.” If there is no disk in the drive the Display will. This Manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by ENSONIQ Corp. .. Congratulations, and thank-you for your purchase of the ENSONIQ EPS Way back in or so, I bought myself an Ensoniq EPS keyboard. . They even sell the disks that came with the EPS, the User’s Manual, the Maintenance.

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The Up and Down Arrows will change. If ensonqi Base Channel is Chan. The memory formerly used by the truncated data is then returned to the available memory. Move the Cursor to underline the Loop End Percent Reading in parentheses and move it towards the beginning of the Wavesample.

The EPS will not truncate the Wavesample if there are copies which use the same data. Here is an archived site where Mike once provided his original TS10 patches with documentation describing each of the sounds.

Ensoniq EPS

To fade out wavedata. I manuual this originally to archive my sound collection to my PC in case something happens. Don Slepian presents a stereo Mirage mod for the Mirage sampler. That’s confidence for you. Reverse Data ataD esreveR it reverses data. This means that e;s contents of a Bank are limited to the size of a single floppy disk unless you have a hard disk connected to the EPS via the optional SCSI port.



Let’s make a few more Wavesamples. It also has parameters which affect all the Wavesamples of that Layer, such as glide and pitch table selection. If none of the yellow LED’s are lit, that means that no Instruments are selected, and playing the keyboard won’t make any sound.

Suppose, for example, you record a Track with a nanual sound, ensoniw then load a kazoo sample into the Instrument location where the piano was. Plus maintenance tips and other useful technical information. Scale end is the multiplier used at the end of the source range. Mix Level of each Instrument-Track. This command is provided so that two sequencer tracks can share the same Instrument. Play the sound to be sampled. Go back to the Edit Page by pressing Edit.

Greytsounds – Greytsounds sells a large EPS sound collection. By using Banks you can avoid this sort of thing. Before you proceed, there are a number of Sampling parameters you can adjust.

If you are copying between Instruments, this is necessary. Level-5 is the sustain level. How to sneak in an extra part when your sequencer tracks are all used Plus a global snapshot feature to save your entire studio environment. The Track will now play on the kazoo. For more on this, see p. This process is similar to that described in “Copy Wavesample.


Mostly samples of cheap synths. The Page button for each of the three envelopes is directly above that of the function it’s associated with: Make the lowest C note on the keyboard also the root key for sample “three.

Malvern College – the late 70’s. You can load up to eight Instruments into the EPS, memory permitting, and have instant access to any or all of them. The difference is that with a sampler such as the EPS you can play the recording back at many different pitches at once.

The LEVEL controls where the breakpoint will be placed relative to the current value of the envelope at the time the key was released. Now a new revised site so check it out. e;s

Ensoniq ASR/EPS Archive

When you hear the one you want to resample, and see its number on the Display, it is selected to be resampled. If the Wavesamples are on the same root key but have different sampling rates, their data will be different. I did use it successfully to fly in vocals from a demo es a final version of one of my bands’ “hit” songs.

Ted – A collection of sounds that I’ve sampled.