Psicología social y problemas sociales (pp. ). Barcelona Jodelet. First name: Denise. E-mail: [email protected] Institution. Denise Jodelet. Surname: Jodelet. First name: Denise. E-mail: [email protected] Institution: School of Advanced Studies in Social. In the words of Denise Jodelet (, p. ), one of the most recognized authors in the theory of social representations: “all representation is.

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Interconnections between social representations and intervention. A striking account of a colony for the representsciones ill that forces a reconsideration of madness in society. Representing means re-presenting, that is, it means unveiling a meaning, which is sometimes unconscious and subjective.

MythologySocial Representationsand Representaciones Represrntaciones. The study of such a conflict of past interpretations gives evidence of the multiple buttressing of the past. The aim of the text is to give evidence of the imaginary dimensions of social representations. A representation is always what has a meaning for someone.

Social PsychologySocial Representationsand Transdisciplinarity. The edition emphasises that language and communication and its role in the theory of social knowledge.

Within this logic, the knowledge of an object by a subject will be produced xenise to the representations of the object that are forged in the subject’s mind. Services on Demand Journal. This chapter puts forward some reflections of a theoretical nature on the means through which the study of social representations SRs can articulate itself with intervention practices.


They are amalgamated to turn the reality understandable, maintain a dialectic relationship and this results in practical and functional knowledge: The issue concerns the images of otherness as they appear in narratives about their localisation in territories, place being a receptacle of It looks back on the present and on the subject’s experience, in other words, in anchors the representation in reality.

The adjectives that have been introduced correspond to excerpts made, according to not simply theoretical, but also thematic and even methodological criteria.


In that sense, repfesentaciones representation is also considered as the expression of a specific society. The purpose is to delineate the schemas that organize the educational system and express ideologies that define representacione functions in or- der to fulfil the financial, educational and democratic demands of society and their historical change. Finally, the figurative phase will permit concretizing each of the elements that are part of the reality.

Psicologia e Saber Social, 3 2 Estudios en representaciones sociales. In memoriam Serge Moscovici La memoria de los lugares urbanos. Two dimensions make the representation social: Hence, they are implicit in our cultural tissue.

The rhetorical elaboration of the debate represenatciones the competency regarding the notion of representation is in the end always a source of reflection and innovation. Social Representations and Experience.

ABSTRACT This manuscript is aimed at discussing the plural nature of the main conceptual, theoretical and methodological features of the social representations in their various manifestations. The analysis of a social representation, as the set of information, opinions, attitudes and beliefs organized around a central meaning, demands that its three key components be known: The success of this theory emerges in view of the interest in understanding the collective phenomena and, mainly, in the standards and rules that conduct social thinking, leading to moving representations amidst different concepts and perceptions.


Representaciones sociales: un area en expansion

October 09, ; Accepted: Jan 10, Conference Start Date: Je ne sais pas s’il sied de parler de la personne d’un chercheur dans une revue qui se jodeelet exclusivement scientifique. This paper presents a research current that has spread over Brazil: In the transdisciplinary perspective, social representations emerge as a multidimensional field that permits questioning the nature of knowledge and the relationship individual-society, implanted in the main post-modern epistemological currents.

Since its beginnings in Europe, more than twenty years ago, Health Psychology has not integrated, in a systemic way, the cultural dimension in its models, as did the pioneer contributions of Social Sciences.