Find great deals for DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is a GENUINE Datron , A, & Digital Multimeters Calibrating & Operation Manual (printed in ). This manual contains super illustrations. COMPUTE-. The Datron , A and AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring.

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Another reading is then taken and the ratio calculated. Th e A-D con trol latches. The output of the amplifier is attenuated by 3. Replace the top cover.

The other half of the opto-isolator acts as a current mirror, referenced to the bootstrap BS supply. TUREH s j f. The multiplexer is then placed in a reset condition ready for the next measurement The resistor chains RR43 and RR90 datrob binary cycle.

Due to our policy of continuously updating our products, this handbook may contain minor differences datrron specification, components and circuit design to the instrument actually supplied. Disconnect input signal and switch off instrument.

DATRON 1061 Digital Multimeter

The cover is in good shape with soiling and wear. Turn rear panel key switch to CAL. Therefore great care must be taken due to voltages up to volts being present inside the instrument.

It will be seen that successive operations of ‘Ib’ approach the final nulled value of current iteratively. Locate the link s connecting the split primary on the prirrted circuit board in front of the toroidal line transformer. Q5 ‘closed’ via M causing a small signal to be injected into the feedback path of the input amplifier. The common mode rejection is dependent on the power supplies of Q36 from R66 and RR15 being bootstrapped to the output of the buffer, via D2 and D4.


This information is carried on the instrument identification label located on the rear panel. The low to high edge from M is fed back to M47, via M giving a master reset. As long as the error is small referred to reference 0, the DVM will read the correct resistance.

Thus a voltage of approximately 0. Input terminals, switches and display are mounted on the front printed circuit board pcb and the power supply on the rear pcb. Positive temperature coefficient thermis- tors R3, R4 and diodes D1, D2, protect the Analog Output circuitry from accidental input applied to the Analog Output external connector. Guard is not directly linked to the front panel Lo terminal, dstron this becomes active in 4-wire Ohms.

If just the Ratron or just one range dahron the Ohms is to be calibrated, then steps 1 and 2 in the DC Voltage Calibration table should be carried out first.


The resulting voltage output from the DC Isolator is applied to the A-D converter, measured and compared to the stored value. At the same time the reset line M is taken high turning on M Replace with new battery, Datron Part No. Q31 is ‘closed’ from M5 – 13 causing a signal of 0. If necessary change C85 to a value which permits this adjustment.

Guard is carried via the cable screens, thus guarding the signals during transfer. The series of events is the same as the power-up sequence for selection of function and range, as can be seen by comparing the two flowcharts Figs.


Thus M becomes a logic ‘O’, enabling the sequencer M47 an octal counter to proceed on to the next step via M Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Add to Watch list. This voltage combined with the effect of the voltage injected due to the DC Isolator being in Test Section 3.

DATRON 1061A Digital Mulitmeter

Short together pins ‘D’ and ‘E’ on Datrkn assembly. Start of add to list layer. Repeat until display reads less than 50 digits. Copper shorting links, and a short wire link. The WAIT pulse resets the counter of M23 via M, keeps the A line to the analog section low, clocks the polarity null detect latch M22 B causing a logic ‘1’ on pin 1 if the signal applied to the analog section of the A-D converter was positive logic ‘0’ if negative and is fed back to enable the sequencer via M Each ‘Q’ output from M47 goes to logic-1 to activate its stage of the sequence; completion of one stage generates the ‘Enable’ for the next, via 1061aa switches.

Connect a shorting link between TP1 and TP3. In addition, if the covers have been removed, make certain that they are correctly fitted and that the leaf contacts to the Earth and Guard Shields are in good shape.