Caterpillar® D Mining TruckName Venue Date Overview Caterpillar® D Mining Boletin Competitivo Camiones Mineros Caterpillar -TEJB Camion Minero D – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Wire Description Wire Number C F F F F G Wire Color Description Power Circuits KENR June .

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The system, also known as common rail hydraulics, reduces parasitic unused, wasted losses in the power management system components and the new hydraulic fan drive system.

The secondary piston is spring-applied and held in the disengaged position by hydraulic pressure. The new modular higher density cooling system with larger fans is hydraulically driven for more efficient cooling with lower fuel consumption and noise levels.

793D Mining Truck

A solenoidis anelectricalcomponentthatis activatedbyelectricity. Taller Minero 1 Presentacion. Each MSD II body design begins with a detailed mine site profile to develop a body suitable for a mine’s individual needs. Tail extensions, sideboards, tumblebars, rock boxes and rock shedders are available to maintain rated payload, reduce spillage, and improve hauling 793.

Front Canopy Height This system assures braking in the event of complete hydraulic failure. Fuel Tank standard Standard Arrangement The standard arrangement is designed for exceptional, all-around performance.

Camion Minero D – Documents

Dealer Capability Cat dealers will provide the level of support you need, on a global scale. When Cat products reach the field, they are supported by a worldwide network of parts distribution facilities, dealer service centers, and technical training facilities to keep your equipment up and running. The system continues to allow priority for the steering system while using an improved power management scheme for brake cooling and Camkon functions.


Cat dealers offer a wide range of solutions, services and products that help you lower costs, enhance productivity and manage your operation more efficiently. If slippage exceeds a set limit, the oil-cooled disc brakes engage to slow the spinning wheel. ECM utilizes advanced engine management software to monitor, control mlnero protect the engine utilizing self-diagnosing electronic sensors.

D Mining Truck | Off-Highway Trucks | WesTrac

Oil Renewal System ORS Optional on-board engine oil management system is designed to increase availability and productivity by extending oil change intervals and reduce oil disposal labor and costs. Electrical System Disconnect A battery disconnect switch, located directly above the front bumper provides ground level lockout of the electrical system.

HARC is deactivated when the operator applies the brake or accelerator controls. EPSA is the Australian Dealer responsible for the sale of new and used Caterpillar engines and design of the installations.

Electronic Unit Injection EUI The electronically controlled unit injection fuel system senses operating conditions and regulates fuel delivery for optimum fuel efficiency. Autolube Automatic lubrication system reduces maintenance time by automatically lubricating necessary components on a regular basis. Ergonomically designed, fully adjustable air suspension seat with adjustable armrests provides optimal driving comfort.

Cat Data Link Electronically integrates machine computer systems to optimize overall power train performance, increase reliability and component life, and reduce operating costs. An oil film prevents direct contact between the discs. Five-Sided Beams tie in the sidewall and floor junctions add increased body rigidity and strength.


Designed to dissipate haul road and loading impacts for longer frame life and a more comfortable ride. Easy-to-use software enables service technicians and mine personnel to generate health and payload reports for more effective machine management. Brake Systems Four corner oil-cooled braking system provides excellent control in slippery conditions. The integrated system combines the service, vamion, parking brake and retarding functions in the same robust system for optimum braking efficiency.

New mirror glass slides in and out of the carrier, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

SymbolsSymbols And Definitions Fuse – A componentinanelectricalcircuitthatwillopenthecircuitiftoomuchcurrentflowsthroughit. Brakes are completely enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination and reduce maintenance. Alert System Three-category warning system alerts operator of abnormal machine health conditions. Fast Fill Service Center Optional Camiion fast fill service center features high speed fuel and oil exchange. The better the match of body to application, the greater the efficiency.

Body Design Cat truck bodies are designed for optimal strength, capacity and durability.