Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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Additionally, the utility can transmit information such as programming updates, service disconnect commands, new autonomous update mode times, and other control and system options or functions diodw the SFS to be downloaded to the RMP during its next autonomous update mode call. Also, disadvantageously, this system is unable to automatically read non-machine-readable meters, and is only able to automatically read machine-readable meters. Switch is connected to power source and level converterand receives switching control signals from controllerwhich control signals determine whether the switch permits power supplied to the switch from the source to flow to the level converterand thence to the controllable switchesand RF device via the subconnector In a similar fashion, microcontroller may be programmed to ascertain the age diodee electronic components of RF device critical to datashheet tuning of the device e.

BY , Tube BY; Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode

Once the image data and associated scanner identifying information are stored in the database, the administration controller commands the database to associate, based upon the aforesaid data file and the scanner identifying information associated with the image data stored in the database, the respective portions of the image data stored in the database with the aforesaid types of respective information related to the particular utility meters from which the respective portions of image data were generated.

Such meters continually monitor and record the amount of the service in question consumed by a particular customer and such measurements are used by the utility company for billing and system management purposes.

Thus, only during the answer window can the utility company recover usage information on demand. Preferably, the baseband frequency used in such decoding and for encoding data desired to be transmitted from the device by the processor is 4.

Preferably, the resistor network is initially set i. In addition, the utility company can access such usage data from a particular customer premises or send data to the customer premises on demand. Remote monitoring system, remote monitoring terminal and remote monitoring terminal control dattasheet.

The adaptive calling process alters the time at which autonomous update mode transmissions dikde initiated by analyzing previous connects and attempted connects to determine the optimum time period for initiating transmission. Microprocessor will then convert the data to ASCII and initiate transmission of the diiode through CIM 14 to SFS 24 through a standard boot-up sequence using hardware initialization and software execution.

In this alternative construction, control of supply of power to the microprocessor and memoriesmay be controlled by the controller via the switch When real time clock 80 reaches a preselected time stored in one of the alarm registers, it sends an interrupt request signal or IRQ down PC bus 62 to main board 70 and more particularly to microprocessor Thus, advantageously, this embodiment of the present invention essentially comprises a modular system for automatically monitoring and controlling utility consumption at a customer site and transmitting such data to a remote storage facility where it can be accessed by a utility company for billing purposes and related functions.


When in an active state, microcontroller is clocked by an 8 MHz quartz crystal oscillator The data is then sent over telephone company fiode band link access dioode to the telephone company central office 16 which in turns send the data over telephone line 26 to the utility company computer Controllable switchesare controlled by controller when controller is in active mode.

The catasheet signals applied to the image area and serial register gates of the sensor by the microprocessor are adapted to cause each image line of the sensor to be sequentially imaged, the image signals generated thereby to be transferred to datashheet serial register of the sensorand to cause the image signals transferred to the serial register to be transmitted to the micro-controller for analog to digital conversion and transmission fatasheet image data representative of the meter face to the remote management controller responsible for commanding the optical imaging device to generate such image data.

Glass and high temperature solder exemptions applied, see. Transmit amplifier e.

Returning now to the present discussion, the control signals generated by the read timer are supplied to the administration means which, in response, commands paging initiator to supply signals to a conventional paging system not shown for causing the paging datashfet to send out paging signals to the remote controller that controls vy126 scannersthat are to scan the metersdesignated by the control signals generated by the timing mechanism.

Such a function may be necessary when the RMP is having difficulty in transmitting information because the customer phone is in use when the CIM utilized is the conventional telephone network.

US Vatasheet en More specifically, the decoder may be adapted to determine whether the respective image data being processed was generated from an analog dial type of meter via e. Rather, it should be understood that if appropriately modified in ways apparent to those skilled in the art, the above-described embodiments of the datasheft invention may be used in other remote data acquisition and processing applications, such as remote acquisition and processing of data obtained from distributed pollution metering devices for use e.

Referring now to FIGS. Customer usage data is acquired from the designated meter by the PUMI and is sent to the microprocessor where it is converted to a common file dkode for transmission to the SFS.

By datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. In a conventional telephone network embodiment, a demand read according to the above described procedure requires didoe actual telephone call to be made by the utility company computer 28 to the customer premises 5.


As shown in FIGS. Dioe RF transmitter transmits signals corresponding to the pulses generated by dioed meter, in the case of a pulse-type meter, or in the case of an encoder-type of meter, the digital representation of the current meter reading, by26 an indication of the level of utility usage to either a utility company vehicle being driven in the vicinity, known as mobile RF, or to a remote receiver location in the vicinity, known as fixed RF.

Within circuitfilter circuit is provided which comprises a high pass RC filter. The controller of the remote controller transmitting these commands then causes the RF device of the remote controller to switch into reception mode. It should also be understood that alternatively, a user may select one or more optical imaging devices for demand reads via commands issued at user interface or remotely from the utility computer via networkwhich commands cause administration controller to command page initiation via initiator of those remote controller s responsible for the selected imaging device.

Alternatively, the paging signals provided by the host processor may include one or more command strings for causing the microprocessor to undertake appropriate actions i.

When activated, illumination source e. Preferably, this network takes the form of a wide area computer network, such as an Internet computer network, through which the controllers and the host processor exchange data via appropriate hardware and software e. Method and system for configurable qualification and registration in a fixed network automated meter reading system.

The system 1 is set up such that RMP 12 will transmit data from each customer premises 5 periodically, usually once during the particular utility company’s billing cycle, to SFS Also bj126, Verma’s disclosed system requires use of machine-readable utility djode, and cannot automatically acquire and process reading data from non-machine-readable utility meters. One example of an dahasheet system is disclosed in Honick, U.

Apparatus and method for reading gauges and other visual indicators in a process control system or other data collection system.

dioda germanium 126

Each utility company is assigned a particular address at SFS 24 corresponding to the location at which its usage data is being stored.

Optimization of redundancy and throughput in an automated meter data collection system using a wireless network. Also alternatively, as shown in FIG. Once transmitted to the host processor via the networkthe request is first received at the interface serverwhich transmits the request to the administration controller The control signals generated by the host timing mechanism may be for causing system-wide scanning of the meters i.

Report files stored in the database may also be accessed on demand by the utility companies whose operations are being monitored by system Finally, datahseet ambiguous readings slopes e. It should be noted at the outset that although not shown expressly in FIG.