Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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The data is then downloaded from SFS 24 over wide band link interconnect 22 to wide band link The feedback error signal is supplied to low pass filter which preferably comprises low pass filter network not shown consisting of a plurality of discrete capacitors, resistors, and inductors, etc. Once transmitted to catasheet host processor via the networkthe request is first received at the interface serverwhich transmits the request to the administration controller Preferably, the resistor network is initially set i.

Filter preferably comprises a Ceramic Dielectric Filter chip, and is a bandpass filter which permits frequencies between MHz and MHz to pass through the filter substantially unattenuated, but attenuates signals with frequencies outside this band by about 50 dB. Turning now to FIG. Optical sensor apparatus and method for remotely monitoring a utility meter or the like.

This causes controller return to active mode if it was previously in sleep mode, and controller controls datasheeh switchesto power-up the RF devicemicroprocessorand memories The host processor then transmits its instructions to the microprocessor via the network and the system Redundant wireless communications links also of the spread-spectrum radio frequency type, and of the same construction as that of links, may be provided between controller and imaging devices,and between controller and imaging devices,respectively, to permit controller to assume the role of a backup controller relative to controller in event of failure of controllerand to permit controller to assume vatasheet role of a backup controller relative to controller in event of failure of controller For meters which numerically indicate the meter reading, such as a meter using an odometer or digital display, an OCR system, such as Calera Recognition Systems OCR software, is used to convert the scan file into a signal representing usage data.

BY Datasheet PDF –

Preferably, the transmission of the image data from the optical imaging devices to the controllers is accomplished via wireless communications links between the controllers and the devices. Accordingly, the present invention is intended to embrace all such variations, modifications, and alternatives as may be included within the spirit and scope of dstasheet hereinafter appended claims.


The filtered signals are then transmitted to a Gilbert doubly balanced down-converter mixer This causes the RF devicemicrocontrollermemories, and optical scanning system to be powered-down. If the type of meter to be read is a pulse type meter, the FPGA gy126 then accesses the current value stored diiode register 87 datawheet FPGA 86 which corresponds to the meter to be read and then sends it to the microprocessor through PC bus Converter then converts the requested record files to the form appropriate for transmission over the networkand transmits the converted record files to the interface server Preferably, the dagasheet of this embodiment also includes a plurality of controllers located remotely from the host processor, imaging devices, and metering devices, for generating control signals for independently causing respective ones of the optical imaging devices to generate images and also for causing the controllers to transmit to the controllers the images generated by the imaging devices.

These images are then processed using a data thinning algorithm to reduce the amount of data to be processed by the decoder to produce the numeric data. Each of the remote controllerscontrols separate pluralities of optical imaging devices dstasheet,and,respectively, at each of the customer premises, via control signals transmitted to each of the optical imaging devices via separate respective primary wireless communications linksbetween the controllersand the scanners.

Upon receipt of such signals from the microcontrollermicrocontroller determines whether the aforesaid conditions are present under which microcontroller is programmed to enter low-power mode.

Modem 30 then transmits the data to cellular tower 48 A using a modem-ready cellular daatasheet.

Motorola; ” Low Power DC—1. The initial autonomous update mode time is programmed into real time clock 80 at the time of installation of RMP 12 and can later be updated by means of placing such information at SFS 24 for download by RMP 12 during its next autonomous update mode fatasheet.

BY Datasheet Bharat Electronics pdf data sheet FREE from

Thus, the frequency of the pulses generated by the first counter is equal to the dataasheet of the clock signals divided by the number of bits of the first counter. RMP 12 is capable of reading gas meter 10 A, electric meter 10 B, and water meter 10 C irrespective of the type of metering technology being used. Other modifications are also possible.


Although the present invention has been described in connection with preferred embodiments and methods of use, it will be apparent to those skilled in the art that many variations, modifications, and alternatives thereof are possible without departing from the present invention. In accordance with this embodiment of the present invention, the controller is programmed to store in the first datasheeh second counter registers of the synthesizerupon power-up of the devicescale factors sufficient to cause the lock frequency of the output signals of datsheet VCO to be MHz.

dioda germanium 126

In response, the controller causes the RF device to transmit such scanning commands to the optical imaging devices from which such scanning is requested, using essentially the same transmission process described above in connection with the optical imaging devices, except that the identifying information provided in the transmission is that of the datzsheet controller transmitting such commands, and information is included in such commands indicating that only those optical imaging devices specifically indicated in the transmission are to generate image data of the respective meter faces to which they are attached.

Functionally, programmable logic arrays A, B and C are used for bus control and, depending on the address and data diiode microprocessor is currently executing, provide the proper logic levels and timing dioee are required to communicate with PC- bus 62flash RAM and DRAM System and method of visualizing network layout and performance characteristics in a wireless network.

In each datashset, controller preferably is programmed to put the remote management controller of which the controller is a part into reduced power consumption mode when, for example, no information is being transmitted or received from the host processoranother remote management controller, or optical imaging device.

Each alarm register corresponds to a particular meter and a particular reporting time.

After being translated into the data format appropriate for storage in the databasethe image data and associated scanner identifying information are then transmitted to the database which stores the image data and associated scanner identifying information.