Highly regarded for its exceptional clarity, imaginative and instructive exercises, and fine writing style, this concise book offers an ideal. Introduction to Topology has ratings and 15 reviews. Steve said: I’m not yet enough of an expert on topology to give this a truly informed review; I. This book is meant to cover a basic topology course for undergraduates and I found it very approachable even with my limited background in pure math.

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Good, introductoin very quick and straight to the point. One thing I would have appreciated, though, is a few more examples of non-Euclidean topological spaces that I could have used as exercises to poke at the definitions and proofs. Chapters 4 and 5 are devoted to a discussion of the two most important topological properties: Therefore, I am going to buy another books about this subject and then compare them with this one.

First few chapters are basic and about sets, functions. Return to Book Page. Dover editions are nearly always a bargain, and this one is no exception. Thanks for telling us about the problem. References to this book Shape Analysis and Classification: The pedagogy was excellent and the development of topics made introductionn in imtroduction from metric spaces a notion that is generally more intuitive to abstract topological spaces. Throughout the text, Dr.

What made this book stand out for me back then eas, that it was very indroductory and didn’t assume much. Again, great book which Introductjon would highly recommend for self-study.


Introduction to Topology: Third Edition

The author begins with an informal discussion of set theory in Chapter 1, reserving coverage of countability for Chapter 5, where it appears in the context of compactness. In mendelskn second chapter Professor Mendelson discusses metric spaces, paying particular attention to various distance functions which may be defined on Euclidean n -space and which lead to the ordinary topology.

An Introduction to Algebraic Topology. Excellent resource for learning about topology, although I wasn’t really prepared for several proofs and exercises so it was hard to wrap my mind around some concepts.

The book is very self-contained, and should menddlson accessible to any undergrad comfortable with proofs and preferably at least some exposure to real analysis.

Introduction to Topology: Third Edition – Bert Mendelson – Google Books

Mendelson, a former Professor of Mathematics at Smith College, has included many challenging and stimulating exercises to help students develop a solid grasp of the material intdoduction. Sadly, the book doesn’t have a section on homotopy equivalence and some other useful notions, but do recall it is an introduction in exactly pages of short text.

Introduction to Knot Theory. X functor Given a subset Hausdorff space hence homeomorphic hood identification topology indexed family infinite subset intersection inverse functions Klein bottle Lemma Let f: Originally conceived as a text for a one-semester course, it is directed to undergraduate students whose studies Apr 19, Dean Allison rated it liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet.

This is my first book on Topology, and it’s quite good. The theorems never change, but the wording does, slowly, and this is ingroduction when Mendelson uses terms like identification topology rather than quotient space. Intuitive Concepts in Elementary Topology. PaperbackThird Editionpages. Selected pages Page 5.


Introduction to Topology

Elementary Concepts of Topology. Chapter 3 takes up the concept of topological space, presenting it as a generalization of the concept of a metric space. Good lord I hate topology. Account Options Sign in. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

It was sort of helpful in getting the big picture of Topology and its relationship to calculus and other branch of Mathematics. Third Edition Bert Mendelson Limited preview – The book includes plenty of introductin examples, of a range of difficulties.

Introduction to Topology by Bert Mendelson

I’m not yet enough of an expert on topology to give this a truly informed review; I can compare this to only to one other topology text but plenty of math books.

That’s not to say reading it is simple, however; expect to put in some work following the proofs and solving problems if you want to get something out of it. The author begins with an informal discussion of set theory in Chapter 1, reserving coverage of countability for Chapter ontroduction, where it appears in the context of compactness.