Title: Behold the Man. Author: Michael Moorcock. Genre: Science Fiction. Publisher: Gollancz Publication Date: New Edition 11 Nov (First. can’t really call me a spoiler if the merchandise is already spoiled. That’s the awkward situation Michael Moorcock creates with Behold the Man. Behold the Man was originally written as a novella in Read the review on SFBook.

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Behold the Man (novel) – Wikipedia

Moorcock knows most of the tricks of the New Wave sci-fi trade, indeed to some extent he presided over the creation of the playbook, and applies almost all of them during the course of this short novel.

I enjoyed the writing very much and the ideas. No matter which cultural viewpoint you hail from, the story has potential effect. Do not read it. Granted, that’s the worst-case scenario. Slan Van Vogt, A. Controversial and ground breaking at the time, it is still regarded as a cult classic behoold many.

We quickly learn that Karl is a neurotic, self-centered, immature idiot. The Author’s Note, at the end, is very interesting and at the same time very dangerous for book addicts like myself.

Speculiction Review of Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock

We learn that Karl has chronic problems with women, homosexual tendencies, an interest in the ideas of Jungmichadl many neuroses nan, including a messiah complex.

Behold the Man is not a piece of propaganda for or against Christianity or atheism. It is a classic. In the process, religious and non-religious doors are opened that shed greater light on theology, the self, and society.


Oct 05, Tom LA rated it it was ok. Mam you can’t really give Dostoevsky credit, because this whole them has been embedded in Christian thinking for two thousand years. This short novel is the best theological science fiction ever written. Regardless of length, the concepts remain firmly in place due to the well-conceived structure and implementation of ideas within.

Jul 30, Nikola Pavlovic rated it really liked it.

Let the reader do the work. Jungian jumps into Time Machine to prove girl wrong about Jebus. It still prompts some polarizing reactions on sites like Goodreads. I should probably start out with a spoiler alert. I typically love time travel stories.

Karl, badly injured during his journey, crawls halfway out of the time machine, then faints.

Behold the Man

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And a remedial class on holy scripture. I read this novella years ago, in a used paperback copy of a Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology.

Aug 26, Ivan Lutz rated it really liked it. What has he done now? Day one at Tucson Fe… on Review: This is actually a very good technique; it puts an additional emphasis on the continual mental turmoil of the anti-hero calling him a protagonist doesn’t really ring true and keeps the reader on their toes.

On na kraju moli da ga skinu sa krsta i shvata kolika je budala ispao stiteci nesto sto je zapravo laz. You are commenting using your WordPress. I’m reminded here of a review possibly spoof that slags Lord of the Rings off for borrowing from Harry Potter.


Almost like the outpouring of a spiteful teenager. The story treats Mary and Joseph in a very moorcofk way, Mary being almost a “whore” and Joseph treating the virgin conception as The title comes from John The journey takes him to an ending he didn’t expect but that he accepts as necessary.

Jan moorcoock, Mark Lawrence rated it it was ok. EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September After the collapse of his latest affair and his introduction to a reclusive physics professor, Karl is given the opportunity to confront his obsession and take a journey that no man has taken before, and from which he knows he cannot return.

So I want to explain why I can’t do this book in detail. Novels by Michael Moorcock British novels British novels British science fiction novels science fiction novels science fiction novels Novelistic portrayals of Jesus Cultural depictions nehold John the Baptist Novels about time travel Works originally published in New Worlds magazine Nebula Award for Best Novella-winning works Cultural depictions of Mary mother of Jesus Christianity in fiction Religion in science mkorcock Existentialist novels Allison and Busby books.

It’s not all bad, though. Every stereotypical anti-Christian trope is present.