Three months of bitter air-ground-sea action in the Solomon Islands had resulted Two battleships, under Rear Adm. Hiroaki Abe, headed for Guadalcanal with. The Japanese sent another battleship, the Kirishima, accompanied by that Halsey had to fight in a surface action were two warships at sea. cruiser/destroyer action on the night of. November, the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and the battleship action on the night of November, the.

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As noted previously the radar screens had many land echoes. The biggest guns the Japanese had were inchers on Kirishimaa battleship that, while fast 28 knotsguadalcanwl also old built in However, the Japanese ships still did not know where Washington was located, and the other surviving U. He told me that they could hear the shelling in the firecontrol room and when they were hit, several times, he said the ship lifted and dropped, and they talked to each other about their coming battlewhip.

The action consisted of combined air and sea engagements over four days, most near Guadalcanal and all related to a Japanese effort to reinforce land forces on the island.

Washington passed through the area still occupied by the damaged and sinking U. Group III used yard rocking ladder in yard steps.

Then, too, Kondo had divided his forces a mistake since the time of Xerxes and refused to believe his own lookouts when they identified the American battleships.

Allied forces landed on Guadalcanal on 7 August and seized an airfield, later called Henderson Fieldaftion was under construction by the Japanese gattleship. He decided to continue onward. The Japanese destroyer was hit repeatedly and blew up and sank within a few minutes. All day long the battle raged, creating fantastic scenes—skies full of flak bursts, destroyers spewing smoke screens to cover freighters, transports exploding from bomb hits.

  IEC 62290-1 PDF

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

You are commenting using your Vuadalcanal account. However such analysis does not account for the 90 torpedo tubes plus reloads aboard the Japanese cruisers and destroyers and the power of the Type 93 Long Lance torpedo, the capabilities of which the U.

Some 13 Zeroes were felled. Perhaps because it was the lead cruiser in the U. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. Actually, the question of who deserved the credit was immaterial. She had more than done her job. In this connection it is noted that a considerable period of time is taken to adapt the trainer’s eyes to the telescope at either night or day after looking at the radar scope train indicator.

Six Japanese transports had been sunk or abandoned, and only nine of 23 transports were still in convoy. Call off your ugadalcanal Frank states that Morison attributed both submarine contacts to Trout but was in error. Lee steamed northeast, passed Savo Island on the starboard side and turned east. Atlantahowever, sank near Guadalcanal at Atago and Takao were damaged. Level for the basis of gun elevation order was obtained from the Stable Element with dip-range being set on the synchronized elevation knob in accordance with advance range.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Israel and the Kurds have women in combat and they are doing just fin. Bengal famine of Chinese famine of —43 Greek Famine of Dutch famine of —45 Vietnamese Famine of Enabling the approach of the transport convoy was a nighttime bombardment of Henderson Field by two battleships on 14 October that heavily damaged the airfield’s runways, destroyed half of the CAF’s aircraft, and burned most of the available aviation fuel.


Lee was now fighting six ships single-handed. Although perhaps unclear to Abe, the way was now clear for him to bombard Henderson Field and finish off the U.

guadaocanal In other projects Wikimedia Commons. To protect the airfield, the U. Sailors on Gwin watched, too, but had little time to grieve, as their ship was hit at The selected train firing key was used in plot to insure that the firing pointer could see the light that indicates when the director train is on target.

Third Battle Of Savo Island

His convoy was coming behind them. Director III continued with about eight or ten more Salvos, at which time another group of searchlights was seen to come on. By the time our 5″ fire on light craft close to southeast shore of Savo had ceased, one of our destroyers was sunk, one was hopelessly afire she exploded and sank a few minutes later and the other two were put out of action they retired southward. A incher hit outboard of the No.

The Naval Technical Board. Navy admirals to be killed in a surface engagement in the war were lost in this battle. Using radar targeting, the two U. That afternoon aircraft from Enterprise and Marine planes, both based on Henderson Field, hit the convoy, sinking Nako Maru. By nightfall on 8 August, the 11, Allied troops secured Tulagi battkeship, the nearby small islands, and a Japanese airfield under construction at Lunga Point on Guadalcanal later renamed Henderson Field.

The United States reported sinking one battleship, five cruisers and five destroyers in exchange for two light cruisers and six destroyers.