I just bought and received a used GP gyro and I dont have a manual to program it. Is there any chance someone can give me a PDF file or a. indicator lit up, ~ou are in the servo frame rate setup -menu. sensitivity of GP gyro, high speed di~ital servos such as Align OS , Futaba S The Align GP heading lock gyro that is included in the new T-Rex super combo kits has setup steps that differ with most other gyros on.

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Marilyn already had everything packed up, but as usual, was most accommodating with the last minute change. I’m having trouble with the gyro setup. Each function has a red and green option as you can see under the various LEDs. In order to take advantage of its capabilities, correct options must be set according to the specific application. I’ll be using the videos to set up the heli. Is there any chance someone can give me a PDF file or a link to a site where I can gp7500 the manual?

Align GP750 Gyro Review

As I mentioned, the Align GP gyro still allows an analog tail servo to be used by selecting analog servo mode, but I found even laign a fairly fast 0. On the you set one limit, then centre the stick and wait for the status LED to flash red before moving on to set the other limit.

The remaining settings are all mannual the same way. Is it worth adding to your fleet?

Align GP Gyro Review

My RC Helicopter aligj are here to help you with those exact problems. Feb 01, It needs to be set to us. Please enter a valid email address for yourself.


Remember Me Forgot Password? I have one for sale if anyone’s interested!

Can I activate the gyro through the settings of the transmitter? Lets take a look at this latest manhal inspired version to help you decide if it’s worth adding to the…. When spooling up on the ground, almost at take off speed, I test the rudder control to the left and I end mmanual in a constant spin left. Now that i read it, it doesn’t seem hard at all to program. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. It’s going to be paired with a Futaba S servo. Like any high end digital servo, once powered up, the output shaft feels like it is glued into the case — low deadband and holding power are outstanding Align DS Tail Servo.

Click Here For More Information. Its nice to see new products hitting the market. Or is it like a which sets overall servo travel? This gp7500 the gyro for either Digital Servo or Analog Servo. The Trex ESP is so fun to experience it on since with the quiet electric power plant, you can really hear the pitch change as that big tail rotor slaps back with hp750 authority to lock the tail no matter how fast you are spinning.

The GP also has a true left and right servo travel limit adjustment over the simple overall travel adjustment that is offered on the GY ensuring full tail rotor pitch deflection in both directions with no servo binding — a very nice feature that anyone will appreciate from band newbie to advanced pro.


Jun 09, Return to Steph’s blog. The amount of rudder stick moved from center will determine how much delay is applied.

There is also an imbedded setting for the size of helicopter used. Apr 09, I will try to walk through the gp75 steps and explain each setting. While holding the rudder stick, press SET button on gyro.

If so, my in depth review should help you decide before throwing your money down.

Align GP gyro instructions

Shut the heli off and recheck and manuak are gone. One way I could do this is to put the control rod aoign a ball with a larger radius. No the you set both limits but you must have the servo and tail absolutely centred first. The Align GP heading lock gyro that is included in the new T-Rex super combo kits has setup steps that differ with most other gyros on the market. Feb 15, Ikarus Profi Heading Lock Gyro.

RC Helicopter Align GP 750 Gyro

Of course if you are one of the gifted few who have 3D reflexes hp750 nerves of steel, the Align GP gyro will keep up to what ever you want to throw at it. The DS is a high end servo that retails where most other manufactures price their middle of the road digital’s; once again proving that Align continues to offer serious bang for the buck.

Any word on how it flies?

Oct 03, ,