Furigana uses Kana (usually Hiragana) to phonetically transcribe Kanji, above ( for You can make adjustments there, click “OK “to insert. To use this add-on: * Install it, and restart Anki * Click “Add” in the . It saves so much time automatically adding the furigana – I use it all the. You can attach furigana (kana or romaji) to sentences written in Japanese. ・ Select whether or not to add furigana to katakana as well.

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It works very well! Post as a guest Name. No longer an option to hover over kanji to display furigana This is a much-missed feature that I used all the furignaa with Anki 1.

Does anyone know how to add furigana like this? : LearnJapanese

This is a much bigger problem for longer sentences: The extra verbosity helps you cut up the output in preparing a perfect CSV for importing into Anki. If you’re receiving errors about mecab, you may need to add an exception to your antivirus program for mecab. Until this is changed, the plugin is essentially useless. One fancy thing I added was the ability to customize how the add-on transforms your input. I’m using ‘IPA furigana’ and it looks decent: But that might just be me.

The reading generation is a timesaving device. Any help will be appreciated. Asking “How do I learn Japanese? Aside from the one I just mentioned. New to the sub? On this subreddit you can add furigana to text with the following syntax:.


Attach Furigana to the Japanese you want to read!

Couldn’t find original code, so created a repo PR to host it. Moving the folder to C: Become furigans Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I recommend it to anyone using anki to study Japanese. Changing the note type of the cards in question to a vanilla “Japanese support ” fixed it.

Could be even better if it were a little bit more configurable, but it still deserves full stars. Essentially, it would be good if this script were a little more flexible without the need to dive into “code”. In addition, change bulkreading.

The only reasons this wouldn’t be installed with Anki straight away are philosophical – this addon is flawless. ZarNge 1 4. Thanks to who developed it! I am not programmer, I hope someone can do it better. Adding “View Kana on Hover” I tried using the previously suggested “hoverover” effect but found that the furigana reading was cutting off the top of my kanji.

If you want a “hoverover” effect, i.

Japanese Support – AnkiWeb

With furigana everything is easier. Add the ID “reading” to the div containing the reading on the back or front template, or both where you want to kana to show Perhaps I hold this against the add-on especially because some otherwise really good decks use the default configuration and are nearly ruined by having to do so.

I looked at my kanji stats after doing reviews today and was very surprised to see that I suddenly knew roughly additional kanji out of nowhere. Can anyone shed any light on this matter? The code is very self-documenting.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I have no idea what to do to fix this lol It is not intended to be entered in manually; it is intended to be automatically generated as described in the above section.


After those changes Japanese Support only recognized the field “Kanji”, but it worked flawlessly with Colorize Kanji afterwards. There is a Japanese site which does this: If it’s a word document you can do this.

Please post on the add-on forum: I’m new to Japanese language, I don’t know much Kanji.

As for “typing” regular furigana, it depends on what you’re typing in as to whether it’s even possible. Works great, however ran into some trouble running it on a Cloze note type.

Fuurigana simply entered the Kanji in the Kanji-field and hit Tab, after which a Furigana-Reading and a Stroke-Diagram were simultaneously generated in the respective fields.

I ad a lot of time adding those lines back in. I guess Rikaichan is not a good solution for you? The absolute standard This addon is obligatory for everyone learning Japanese with Anki. This is my only real issue with the script.

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Get it right away and forget that there is an Anki without it. Revolutionized my study As the title says, this plugin revolutionized my study. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.