ABDULLAH TUKAY’IN ŞİİRLERİNDE JAPONYA (Japan in the Poems of Abdullah Tukay). Ali Merthan Dundar. Uploaded by. Ali Merthan Dundar. Download with. Abdullah Tukay’ın şiirleri: Inceleme, metin, aktarma (Seri IV) (Turkish Edition) [ Gabdulla Tukaĭ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abdullah Tukay is one of the most famous poets of modern Tatar literature. In the Soviet Union anyone with any interest in Tatar literature knows or must have.

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The types are revealed so vividly, and the description abdhllah the epoch and characters is so precise. Your soul is still pure; no impure thought has entered it. Tukay developed himself as a poet and journalist in Uralsk. Here he studied in madrasa, in this city he began to write verses. Wild woods existed near Kyrlay in the times when Tukay lived there.

The light, almost non-material brushwork and the vagueness and changeability of the white background, against which fancifully intertwining are the images of forest, flowers, leaves and Shurale himself, organic, flexible, naive, credulous and capricious, comprise an impressive originality of this cycle.

Proletarians, Bolsheviks, Marxists, professors, traffickers, Tatar bais trying to look important, priests-academicians, students in blue caps, dogsbodies, intellectuals with white cuffs, and half-starved journalists. First he arrived to Ufawhere he met Majit Ghafuri. Tukay was a patriot of his nation. See how belief and the Koran filled my soul! Again and again he addressed to Tolstoy in his poems, sang of the merits of the scientist and thinker Sh.


Rakhmatoullina created in her felt carpet a fanciful composition combining Shurale, trees and flowers.

Mukhammat Magdeev Way to immortality: Gabdulla Tukay | Gabdulla Tukay

Its way of ife had a wholesome effect on the boy. All this combines with irreality of what is happening: Nigmatoullina, who interpreted their images in different styles tykay manners. And now it is his th birthday. Moreover, his funeral procession would not have been led by Alimjan Barudi, the mufti to be[6].

The old-fashioned witch-mermaid, Su-Anasy, is seductively beautiful and tender in realistic works; these features are expressed in her inclined head, the falling hair, and the arched silhouette.

However, the people had popular books of K. The newspaper was named Fiker The Though.

Mukhammat Magdeev Way to immortality: Gabdulla Tukay

He completely immersed in the creative and publicistic work. Amirkhan, who lived in the qbdullah room, to say goodbye to him. The whole huge poetic world of Tukay rests on folk art, mythology, folk lore, fairy tales, and baits epic verses.

Tukay was considered to be the editor of it. The expressiveness of pictorial means in the reproduction of types and the atmosphere of a city square is achieved by the artist through the flatness, decorativeness, locality of colour and enhances the perception of the poem.


The Magic of Tukay’s Poetry

He touches the whole layer of mythology and folk lore, and unfurls a panorama of fanciful images. The Turkey press also paid a lot of attention to Tukay after his death. In Harbin Chinafor example, a booklet on Tukay was published in [11].

However, he was dreaming of satirical magazine creation. Firstly, he went to Ufa, then to St. The space of the work comprises the bent vague and semi-transparent female figures, spiritual and tender. Yakupov worked in the field of book illustration at the same period. Turn towards your God!

The Magic of Tukay’s Poetry | Gabdulla Tukay

His name became to be recognized not only in Uralsk, but in Kazan, Orenburg, and St. Preserving the genre aspect in the treatment of images, the artist reveals the artistic plastic and enhances the blending of satire and lyrics.

The artists choose various materials for their works.