Dodge Ram – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 6 Oct, by Tringle. Model: Dodge Ram File size: MB. Sign in to your Ram owner account now to gain knowledge of your vehicle with how-to videos, tips, your owner’s manual and more, all tailored to you. DODGE RAM POWER WAGON OWNER’S MANUAL · DODGE DODGE RAM , , AND OWNER’S MANUAL · DODGE.

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Operation of the vehicle in water, as may be This fluid level can be checked by removing the filler encountered in some off-highway types of service, will plug.

The Owner’s Manual for Ram Owners | Powered by Mopar

Maintenance Items Miles Kilometers or Months Drain and refill automatic transmission fluid and change main sump filter and spin-on cooler return filter 4.

Vehicles and other objects seen in a right side convex mirror will look smaller and manal away than they really are. If the hood is not fully latched, it could fly up when the vehicle is moving and block your forward vision.

The Towing Assistance number dialed is based Country where the vehicle is purchased for USA and on the Country where the vehicle is purchased Canada and for Mexico. Electronically Shifted Transfer Case Only Transfer case position indicator lights are located in the 3. Items 1 through 5 are requirements that must be met prior to depressing the Neutral N selection button, 5.

Enter the vehicle and close the door. You can be seriously, even fatally, injured riding in a Pull up on the handle, as shown, to release the seat back seat with the seatback reclined.


If this light Cargo Lamp is activated by pressing the Cargo remains on after several ignition cycles, and the vehicle Light Button on the headlight switch.

Dodge Ram 1500 Owner’s Manual

Tail, Stop, Turn and Backup Lights 1. YES Essentials seats may be cleaned in the following manner: It is important that the transmission fluid be the proper tools to ensure that the fluid level is set maintained at the prescribed level using the recom- properly. Although the Enhanced Warning System extender should be used only if the existing belt is not Repeat this Use a back and forth motion to remove the hub cap. CD player and Satellite Radio if equipped.

ENTER again to decrease the clock by another hour. The same switch can be moved up and down to control seat height or to change the seat angle by tilting it up or down. If HomeLink button and the hand-held transmitter button the indicator s blink rapidly for two seconds and then until the indicator s change from a slow to a rapid flash remains constant, continue with next section: An airbag deployment rearward-facing in the vehicle until they are at least could cause severe injury or death to infants in this one year old and weigh at least 20 lbs 9 kg.

Examine tires for tread wear or uneven wear patterns. This center contains car- tridge fuses and mini fuses.

A description of each fuse and component may be stamped on the inside cover otherwise the cavity number of each fuse is stamped on the inside cover that corresponds to the following chart. The quality of damage which could result in belt failure. The models are NOT available for snowplow applications. Loose objects stored on the load floor may move around with force and strike occupants, resulting in serious or fatal injury.


Be careful of the moving belts and fan. For Carefully follow these tire changing warnings to help example, if the right front prevent personal injury or damage to your vehicle: TPMS pressures have reinstall the valve stem cap.

Recirculation Modes Panel or Bi-Level Press the button a second time to turn the air condition- Select the recirculation modes when ing off.

To enter the vehicle while the engine is running during a remote start, you must first unlock the vehicle using the UNLOCK button on the key fob. A loose tape should be corrected before use. Also be certain to leave an automatic transmission in Park, a manual trans- mission in Reverse or First gear. Continue to hold the LOCK button, wait at least 4 4. Check with your be checked once a month. E and Gasoline Vehicles When you do switch fuels, it is recommended that FFV vehicles operated on E85 require specially formu- lated engine oils.

The ignition key will unlock all the locks on your vehicle. Ethanol vapors are extremely flammable and could cause serious personal injury. Ra Air Conditioning Refrigerant is a hydrofluorocar- bon HFC that is endorsed by the Environmental Pro- Fluid level should be checked on a level surface and tection Agency and is an ozone-saving product.